Best Places to Work 2020

Best Place to Work

Flexible work schedules. A free membership to the gym. An office with a view. Today’s employees are looking for more than just a paycheck, they are looking for a place that caters to their sense of community and purpose. Of course, once COVID-19 hit and everyone was working from home, all bets were off and people were simply looking for a strong Wi-Fi signal and a quiet place to take a meeting. Looking at our own situation over the past 8 months, we asked ourselves … where is the best place to work in 2020?

The Living Room

At first, the living room might seem like a good place to park and get some work done, what with the cushy sofa and the ottoman to prop up your legs and laptop. But like many of us discovered, it’s also the place with no walls and all that furniture does nothing to drown out the noise coming down the hallway and from the kitchen. Suddenly, in the middle of a Zoom call, you’re dragged into the latest family drama or distracted by whatever your spouse or kids decided to binge watch during your call. Sadly, the living room just doesn’t live up to the hype.


This one is pretty much a no brainer. Yes, you might get a good Wi-fi signal here without any large electronics around, but at some point the little ones will decide that you’re on their turf. And just like that, it’s their turn on the bean bag you chose to make your workstation. 
Great Christmas gift, Dad, you think to yourself as you try to write strategic content. After all, nothing breaks your concentration like the sound of “To Infinity … and Beyond!”

Kitchen Table

When did the room where people used to just sit and eat become Grand Central Station? We got mail; drop it on the counter. The dog wants some attention. Sure, why not? On the phone, honey? Of course the kitchen is a great place to stand around and chat with your mother while I work. And yes, I know, I’m still not good enough for you. I’m right here. And why the hell does everyone need a snack every two minutes? So the kitchen? No thanks, I’ll just get another Nespresso® and go back to the …

Walk-in Closet

Ah yes, the last bastion of peace in 2020. Walking in you think to yourself, nobody will bother me in here. Yet, not long after you settle in to work, the wife is getting dressed and photobombing your Zoom call. What’s taking so long, you wonder. Finally, she remembers that her Christian Louboutins are hidden under her high school yearbooks, which she can’t help but flip through. And with that cameo, all of your colleagues know that your wife buys scrunchies with rainbow patterns and has an affinity for lace. Maybe the patio would be a better option.


Ah, the connected outdoors. This is where the creative juices flow, among the sounds of nature. The birds are singing, the sun shini— Is that a rain cloud? Oh great. Just when you thought you had found the place to get some real work done. Is that a chainsaw? A lawnmower? Aaaand now all the dogs in the neighborhood are barking. So much for the great outdoors. Shoulda bought those noise cancelling headphones. Next!


Yes, yes. Now. This. Is. Privacy. Sitting in your nice, big SUV with the AC cranking, reclining the bucket seat. You’re set, or so you think. Suddenly, in the middle of the Zoom call, the car alarm goes off, the garage door flies open, and your spouse shows up to find out what the commotion is. So now you’re blind, deaf, embarrassed, and out of options. Just in time for your next conference call to begin. Then it hits you: Instead of that swimming pool, I shoulda built the man cave.

The Bathroom


Working from everywhere,
– DC Team

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