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BLAST Ultimate Wi-Fi

Benchmarking the Exceptional.

The consumer Wi-Fi DIY category has no shortage of big time players and taking on the Goliaths required us to act boldly and deliver an online experience as exceptional as the product’s design itself.

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Enter Blast Ultimate Wi-Fi, the ultimate Wi-Fi 6 system for those who desire the ability to offer their subscribers the ultimate internet experience and be the provider of choice in the home. 

Our charge was to create a web experience that blends the concepts of a product showcase and consumer utility, positioning the BLAST system in the central role of the completely connected ecosystem.

The ultimate experience for the ultimate persona.

As the demand for better internet experiences increases, so does the need for the BLAST.

For the most digitally demanding audience, we designed a web experience that would speak to each user in a unique way.  

We started by creating critical data-driven user personas that were leveraged to construct key value propositions and statements. Those personas were then brought to life through the creation of an extensive photography library and complimentary video assets.


Each persona is introduced to a dedicated section on the website that present the aspirational value of the BLAST Ultimate WiFi system – tailored to them.


Purchasing behaviors are triggered through key phrases which are layered into the site content.  This drives action and, ultimately, conversion, allowing us to:

  • Establish a two-way dialogue with consumers and users 
  • Visualize and convey the network effect of BLAST deployments for social proof
  • Build tools that span full-funnel activities to trigger purchase behaviors

Crafting a Visual language

Our design and user experience teams constructed a highly engaging visual language that showcased the form factors through detailed animations, interactive elements and integration of our BLAST lifestyle image and video assets.

mesh wifi zones@2x

This included an interactive floor plan, animated coverage heat maps, 3D product demos and dedicated pages for both the u4 and u6 systems.