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Our sophisticated, scalable, and proven frameworks empower organizations to rapidly and effectively address complex challenges.


Deploying advanced, data-driven, targeting, activation and conversion programs.

The Digital Revenue Supply Chain is now a reality. When outside sales disappears, T&E is a distant memory and physical events no longer occur, you need a resilient, scalable and measurable revenue model. Decision Counsel has blended everything we know about targeting, segmentation, business modeling, account based marketing, customer journeys and content nurturing into a strategic framework that intentionally aligns sales and marketing with data.  Is it easy? Nope! But evolution required embracing the complexity and finding answers.

Revenue Acceleration

Revenue Acceleration

Total Addressable Market Assessment Offering Alignment

Targeting, Segmentation & Persona Development

ABM Strategy & GTM Programs - Channel Enablement

Customer Journey Content Mapping

Lead Qualification & Scoring

KPI's Account Intelligence Metrics & Optimization

Creative Execution, Campaigns, Copywriting

Core Audience Data | Third Party Augmentation | Firmographic Profiles

Content Resources | Editorial, Custom, Solution Provider, User Generated, Social

Technology Stack | Marketing Automation, Analytics, Lead Nurturing and Program Reporting


What if we transformed event engagement models into membership access models?

If 2020 taught us anything, it was that relationships and commerce are not dependent on physical presence. We also know that people crave interaction with their peers and colleagues. In a post-pandemic world, connection will matter more than ever. Decision Counsel built the Event as a Subscription model (EaaS) to evolve event strategy into community strategy. We believe that the future of physical and virtual events must be  intertwined with comprehensive customer journeys. New models are emerging and they blend the best of marketing technology, content, community, broadcast, social media and networking. The future will be dominated by the companies that integrate physical and digital events into comprehensive subscriber engagement strategies. 



How does an idea go from napkin sketch to market leader?

Launching products and services to market is the most important function a company performs.  Empowering sales team, equipping channel partners, battling the competition and thrilling customers are just a small example of the key milestones in a successful go-to-market motion.  The Decision Counsel launch framework is designed to create organizational alignment across product, marketing, sales enablement, revenue and content teams.  It requires the full buy-in of all business leaders to successfully launch a new offering. Our roadmap is the ideal catalyst for framing the discussion and prioritizing essential deliverables.

Product Launch Functional Steps

Product Launch

Data Science & Analytics, Indicators

Financial Analysis, Budgeting and P&L Management

Legal & Operations