Calix Market & Ecosystem Activation

The Ultimate Partnership for Ultimate Experiences.


In the middle of nowhere, Monroe, Louisiana, to be specific, the world’s fastest home broadband connection is streaming the latest episode of Squid Game. Why? Because a savvy and sophisticated Broadband Service Provider embraced Fiber to the Home, deployed a litany of industry leading solutions and then deployed robust services at scale. All because their strategic partner had the foresight to equip them to compete every day with Google, Amazon, Xfinity and the other behemoths circling the industry.

Strength in Numbers

Calix is the most forward thinking company driving last mile connectivity and bridging the digital divide hindering the rural areas of North America. The have partnered with over 250 Broadband Service Providers to ensure that broadband in rural Nebraska is faster and more consistent than in any urban center. Yet, it was not enough to just create the technical solution. The Broadband Service Providers needed to be equipped to Sell, Support and Upsell to their target audiences and users.

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The Broadband Service Providers needed to be equipped to Sell, Support and Upsell to their target audiences and users.

Equipped to Compete

Through an extensive partnership, Calix and Decision Counsel have developed a plethora of assets and tools that empower BSPs to grow their business at scale. The program encompasses each stage of the customer journey. BSP’s have access to demand generation content, email copy, digital advertising assets, video libraries and contract language.


Trained to Win

The Market Activation team event went as far to launch the Broadband Marketing Academy, an extensive program to teach new marketers about the best practices, tools and techniques that would improve the performance of the core programs. To the surprise of the giants and behemoths, the scrappy BSP’s are holding their own in market, in fact they are outperforming them head to head in their core markets.


Whether we are expanding Calix’s connection with subscribers or developing the next generation of marketing experts, together, we’re innovating the experiences of tomorrow.