Global Creative Concepts Executed for Local Markets.

Gordian, the creator of Job Order Contracting has been serving communities since 1982. Over the years, Gordian made numerous acquisitions, quickly becoming an industry leader. They offer connstruction insight, technology and expertise that helps community, government and military decision makers build and maintain capital-intensive projects of all sizes. In short, if you own buildings, you’re working with Gordian.

Building a Better Story.

Gordian reached out to Decision Counsel for a very specific assignment: they needed an evolved market position that each newly acquired entity could embrace. Over the course of six months, we worked with Gordian’s CMO, general managers, vertical leaders, and content teams to distill the disparate core messages into a single brand narrative. Decision Counsel was also tasked with rearchitecting the go-to-market cadence for the entire company.


The final Messaging & Positioning platform introduced Gordian’s leadership and the company’s subsidiaries to a new company definition, a new market position statement, recrafted boilerplate language, a single, and elevated voice and tone, and solution nomenclature. Over the course of the engagement, the team pressure-tested more than 30 versions of this platform. And that was only first step to championing a single brand.

Gordian Voice & tone Slides
Gordian Infographic

With a new vision for moving forward as one in place, Decision Counsel got to work redefining the positioning of each of Gordian’s vertical markets. This sales enablement effort resulted in seven sales force field guides and aligned the company’s sales efforts per vertical market with the overarching Gordian story.

In the end, our partnership resulted in Gordian leadership’s ability to succinctly outline their vision for the company and the market.