Government Executive’s Hall of Fame

Eliminating the Boundaries of Virtual Engagement

How do you honor those who make some of the greatest advances in government? With an immersive Hall of Fame celebration that is worthy of their accomplishments and is technologically as forward-thinking as they are.

While it’s no secret that the world has changed, what is still up for grabs is the ways in which people bring others together to build communities online.

Organizations, like Government Executive Media Group, still need to hold events to build their brand, strengthen and grow their customer base and celebrate corporate successes. The virtual event model is being shaped today and those who will set the standard in the digital event space will be those who embrace a content-led, metrics driven, and on demand model with no concessions.


To help redefine the art and science of community building in the COVID era, we’ve created a B2B game changer in collaboration with Government Executive Media Group.

The Government Executive Hall of Fame. It’s a three-dimensional gallery, a virtual world generated to guide visitors through a dimensional floor plan, present them with an interactive time line of greatness and inspire them with killer big-name content.

Technology was at the heart
of the experience.

Without an existing interior model of the National Cathedral, we sharpened our digital tools and built one from the ground up. Utilizing a combination, of Cinema 4D, Unity and Greensock WordPress, we digitally recreated the hallowed halls of the National Cathedral for an immersive, first-of-its-kind black tie event.

Entering the homage to accomplishment, users virtually walked the ATT Sponsored blue carpet, toward the interactive theater.

Along the way, banners featuring the honorees allowed for deeper inspection into the efforts and impact made by these visionaries of government.Technology was at the heart of the experience as we used Unity ­– a 3D gaming engine to power the experience of traveling from one space to another with the hall of fame. Users were able to explore the National Cathedral on their own. This was accomplished using scroll trigger animations that are built upon modern java script libraries and CSS techniques that allow for frame by frame image sequencing, which created an immersive experience, giving visitors a full range of motion and fluid movement, that virtually placed them in the setting.


Optimized for large desktop monitors, laptop screens, and accompanied by a customized mobile device version, this experience has raised the bar for digital event experiences.