A New Voice for a New Market

Working in concert with Prudential from the ground up, we helped this Fortune 50 company develop a whole new way to approach customers. We began by crafting messaging that redefined how they would speak to their core offerings and how they would launch the brand’s first digital solution, LINK.

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As part of the Prudential LINK launch, we created a dynamic installation for Prudential’s Investor Day.


Building Customer Confidence

Based upon a new messaging platform, we developed wall-mounted LCD screens sharing videos that offered guests a vision of how LINK comes alongside customers to guide them on their financial journeys.


We also guided Prudential through the activation of messaging across all channels to strategically align their new tone and voice.


Guiding investors to smart financial decisions

With a new dialogue, Prudential was able to position itself in the market as an approachable authority. Fully equipped with a robust digital content strategy, they are poised to be the thought leader for how customers move along their financial journey.

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