S&P Global

Core Messaging and Positioning

Crafting the ESG Story


Acquisitions are a great conduit for marketing evolution. IHS Markit and their robust ESG portfolio needed to be integrated into the broad S&P Global portfolio. Furthermore, the entire sales team needed an integrated story, key market messages and compelling creative execution.


Enter Decision Counsel.

Over the course of three months, we conducted more than 20 stakeholder interviews, reviewed over 500 assets and examined all the key competitors. We realized that S&P Global, as the world leader in analytics and financial decision making, could not afford to confuse the market with the perception of a disjointed offering set.


ESG is now top of mind for corporations, boards and investors. Our collaboration fueled S&P’s integration of ESG solutions leading to a cohesive Go-To Market story.

Crafting the Narrative

Decision Counsel and our S&P Global counterparts focused heavily on clarity. We refined the positioning to integrate into all of the key offerings. Our story telling focused on the strategic impact ESG was having across every player in the ecosystem and why rapid adoption was the only path to good corporate governance.

Over the course of eight months, every piece of corporate communication was modified to integrate the new messaging.


The entire sales collateral library has been upgraded to reflect the new narrative and identity. The new reality is that ESG has become the core measurement that aligns personal ethics, company values and institutional investment strategies.