Our Team

Accountable. Talented. Disruptive.

Scott Ahrendt

Scott Ahrendt

Executive Partner

So every merry band of disruptors needs adult supervision and direction. Decision Counsel just happens to be blessed with Scott who brings 40 years of executive experience with world-class consulting firms and top retail organizations. He helps shape all strategic decisions by the executive team. Maybe equally as important, he can run four fantasy football leagues at once and knows everything about the NFL draft.

Anna Arafas

Anna Arfaras

Head of Operations

Whether it’s keeping us all in line or engaging with clients and vendors, Anna makes it happen. She has worked for some of the world’s most famous chefs and is a Connoisseur of French Champagne. She is our go-to person for managing our business and social lives.

Chris Caen

Chris Caen

Head of Client Strategy

Born in the back room in one of the many tenement buildings in Pacific Heights, Christopher has always been the consummate San Franciscan. He has been involved in Silicon Valley for over two decades and worked with startups, Fortune 500 companies and lead marketing agencies. His teams have launched innovative new products in data mining, virtual reality, and gaming. Christopher has spent his entire career at the intersection of sales, marketing, data and technology. He brings intellectual energy and market savvy that our clients find invaluable.


Paige Cano

Client Engagement Manager

Paige may have earned an art degree, but her left-brain tendencies have led her down a calendar-and-spreadsheet driven path. Her client-facing background and experience in the New York City ad scene allow Paige to bring organization, partnership, and creative understanding to the table. In her free time, Paige is an avid anime fan and table-top gamer. Round of Mysterium, anyone?


Jack Carrigan

Client Engagement Manager

When he is not on the golf course (or gaming), he spends his days communicating with project teams to ensure projects remain on schedule and on budget. A native east coaster, Jack escaped cold winters and muggy summers of New Jersey for the “climate stability” of the west coast. An avid scuba diver, with a passion for strategy, Jack aims to bring in forward-looking and innovative ideas to every engagement.

Lewis Chang

Lewis Chang

Head of Strategic Partnerships & Growth

Innovator, visionary, and avid fisherman.  Our native San Diegan loves finding original solutions to business barriers.  He usually makes use of disruptive technology, personal experience and a customer centric mentality  Previous to joining Decision Counsel Lewis Chang was the CEO of Officalize, a social, content, and technology platform serving professional athletes and their fans. He has served in executive roles at Experian, Citi and SkinIt.  When not doing the disruptive thinker thing, he is usually catching a nap after his 5 year old twins exhaust him.


Ben Felix

Head of Revenue Strategy & Activation

Ben is our go-to guy for all go-to-market programming. From conversion optimization to infographics, he’s a buzzword wunderkind who keeps the team on trend. Overeducated at Columbia and Missouri, his Ivy League rhetoric is balanced by Midwest common sense.

Salvador Fuentes

Sal Fuentes

Founder & CEO

Sal is all about the high-level message, the perfect soundbite, the smoothing out of the complex. He turns muddled thinking into clear, concise, strategic vision. He gets it, and even more important, he makes sure you, your business, and your customers get it, too.


Bix Hirigoyen

Associate Producer

Bix is our own personal ESPN alert. As a sports fanatic he keeps us in tune with whatever breaking news has just hit the press. With a background in both new and traditional media, Bix brings an intuitive love of crafting the perfect story to our team.  Situated in a world between strategy and digital events, he gets to continue pursuing these endeavors at DC.


Lloyd Hutchinson

Design & User Experience

With 10+ years at Decision Counsel, Lloyd's the detail guy that turns out clean, simple designs that make bold, powerful statements. His creative executions have powered some of Decision Counsel's most successful customer engagements. Professional DJ, sci-fi movie aficionado, you get the picture here, or rather, the pixel.


Brent Jang

Associate Producer

A homegrown Bay Area kid, Brent is a Swiss Army knife of sorts, kitted with a background in film production, data analytics, and graphic design. He brings a fresh perspective in digital event production and broadcasting. When Brent is not knee deep in video editing or statistical analysis you can find him knee deep shredding the powder or laid back getting a tan in the sand.


Casey Lynch

Head of Client Engagement

An East coast transplant, Casey has an insatiable desire to absorb new concepts and technologies, especially surrounding an effective digital experience. With a competitive edge and client-facing background, she wrangles our multidisciplinary teams to deliver work that is fresh, relevant and strategic. Casey is a fervent reader, runner, and acrylic paint-slinger.

Shawn Perritt

Shawn Perritt

Head of Creative & Brand Experience

Shawn is the perfect storm of creativity, logic, and professionalism. With degrees in both Business and Design, the two sides of Shawn’s brain are constantly at war, but as an avid tennis player, he’s used to the back and forth. He’s served up aces for brands including Microsoft, Coca-Cola, and Mercedes-Benz.

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Pete Shimshock

Digital Experience Producer

Pete is a Bay Area native and our residential music nerd. He works closely with our clients across a wide variety of industries including telecom, SaaS, and artificial intelligence. Pete wears multiple hats, bringing energy and acute attention to detail to every area of the agency’s work.


Todd Soligo

Design & User Experience

Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri – KC is in Missouri, folks – Todd has a 10-year track record of success at DC bringing usability, accessibility, and stellar design. He cares deeply about how we humans interact with all kinds of media, which is great news for our diverse clients. Some of his interests are the great outdoors, heavy metal music, and German automobiles. Oh, and don't let us forget, good whisky.


Anthony Vachris

Head of Content & Editorial Experience

Anthony brings more than 19 years of branding experience to Decision Counsel, having worked in every time zone and with clients across the globe. Anthony eventually found his way to the Creative Circus in Atlanta. Having worked with Nike, Manchester United and Starbucks, he leads the content team, crafting our clients' stories with an eye on market analysis and brand development.


Lily Young

Social Justice Intern

A New Jersey native, Lily joined Decision Counsel over the summer to help with the Social Justice Initiative. She is highly passionate about creating a society that is based in equality, and wants to raise awareness about issues relating to white supremacy and systemic racism. Lily believes it’s incredibly important that her generation cares about these issues as they are inheriting this global reality and need to find sustainable solutions to difficult problems.



Head of Morale

Stabler is a people pleaser big time. Never met a client he didn’t love, so far. When he’s not snoozing under the conference table, you may find him strategically nuzzling key team members to keep them encouraged. He hears and sees all... which is why we call him the ultimate brand ambassador.

Strategic Collaborators


Brad Jung

Head of Product Strategy & Enablement

Brad is a clear thinker, a strategist, a team leader with the organizational acumen to get results. His forte? Product marketing. His ultra-cool eye glasses really help with that. And since he’s a civil engineer by degree, he can rationalize anything. His core mission is to get products to market successfully.


Martin McGee

Strategic Partner, Technology

Technologist, Strategist, Professor, Developer and Problem Solver. No matter what hat he wears, Martin is always making a positive impact. HIs rare ability to mold and build technology solutions that address actual business problems has made him invaluable to Decision Counsel clients.  Over the years he has delivered technology solutions for Driscoll’s Berries, Levi Strauss & Company, Plantronics, Cisco Systems, Stanford University, Tempur-Pedic, Mattel, eBay, PayPal, Pacific Gas & Electric, Denon, TiVo, Grupo Televisa, Logitech, and Mazda USA. 


Jon "Moge" Moggio

Strategic Partner, Digital Innovation

He is a hands-on digital innovator who has held leadership positions in rich media development, creative agencies and web development firms. Moge is Decision Counsel’s go-to partner for building augmented reality and virtual reality solutions. He has that rare ability to find pragmatic business application in ground breaking technologies.  He has worked with Decision Counsel for over 10 years and has a wonderful working relationship with all our team members.

Chris_Soucey headshot

Chris Soucey

Strategic Partner, Video & Animation

Chris partners with Decision Counsel to develop, produce, and edit compelling videos for television, businesses, and the web. For over 20 years, Chris has been continually working with leading brands and high-profile entertainment companies for commercial and corporate video productions. He builds lasting relationships with our clients based on the quality of his work, trust, and the ability to deliver on time and on budget. Together, we produce amazing work and exceed expectations!


Mark Strathdee

Strategic Partner,
Technology & Application Development

Mark is one of the brightest minds in Silicon Valley and wonderful Decision Counsel collaborator. Mark co-founded Sherpa Digital Media with K.C. Watson in 2011. Mark began his career in broadcast television and went on to produce programming at CBS (60 Minutes) and FoxSports. He made the jump to technology, and following a stint at Apple, he joined Accordent which was later acquired by Polycom. He is one of the top minds in the digital distribution and management of content.


Ronald Razmi

Strategic Partner, Life Sciences & Health Care

A long time Decision Counsel client and collaborator, Dr. Ron Razmi is our go-to thought leader in the Life Sciences and Health Care arena. He brings extensive clinical, business, and technical expertise to addressing key issues facing healthcare organizations today. He began his career as a cardiologist and was one of the pioneers in application of MRI systems in managing cardiac patients. As a McKinsey consultant, Ron worked with the world’s top life sciences companies in strategy, M&A, and product development. In 2011, he founded Acupera, a pioneering population health management software company. Ron completed his medical training at the Mayo Clinic and and graduated from Kellogg with an MBA.


Seymour Duncker

Strategic Partner, Artificial Intelligence

Seymour has a deep and long standing background in big data and analytics, having built products and large scale data analytics systems for Fortune 500 companies. Prior to Mindscale, a business innovation firm specializing in Artificial Intelligence solutions, Seymour built iCharts, a pioneer in cloud-based data visualization, and worked closely with Google to design a global data warehouse blueprint for Coca-Cola. While at SAP, Seymour laid the foundation for SAP’s cloud transition. Seymour is always excited to bring his business innovation and data analytics background to Decision Counsel engagements.

Wendy Palmer

Strategic Partner, Operations & Strategic Initiatives

If it’s big, strategic and complicated, then Wendy is one of our most trusted collaborators to tackle it. Her industry experience with world class brands includes Big Data, Automotive, Research and Insurance. Wendy understands what it takes to help organizations scale. She is incredibly adept at turning complex initiatives into smooth running operations. She holds an MBA from Oakland University and a BA from Michigan State.