Calix Connexions 2022

Anatomy of a Giant

A simplified business model. Excited subscribers. That’s what it takes to compete with big, powerful and well funded rivals. In the fall of 2022, peers, industry visionaries, design experts and marketing leaders, were back in person at Calix’s transformative user conference in Las Vegas.

SVR_5822 copy

Over the course of three days, 18 keynote speakers took to the stage delivering messages of product evolution, marketing enablement and future innovation. With the Wynn’s 100-ft. LCD screen as our canvas, DC produced more than 22 presentations and 45 videos for everyone from the CEO, Micheal Weening to the CMO, Matt Collins to product engineers and marketing keynote speakers. We even managed to sneak in some impressive 3D animation.  The live performance also involved Q&A sessions, panel discussions and audience participation segments. 


Decision Counsel worked closely with Calix leadership to produce five distinct tracks that offered customers in attendance insight into how to capture mindshare from consumer giants like Google and Amazon. Through 5 persona-based content tracks, Calix revealed exactly what Broadband Service Providers need to do to simplify their operations, excite subscribers and grow their value.  Calix delivered a strategic roadmap that provides BSP’s a framework for delivering advanced services their subscribers,  communities and local economies need. 

A Giant Collaboration

The theme of ConneXions 2022, Be the Giant, drove our design language that touched every area of the conference. Working with 3D animators, our creative department concepted innovative ways to bring the giants to life. Around every corner, event attendees were greeted by a giant video, poster or piece of ambient media that reinforced Calix’s dedication to helping its customers take back the subscriber relationship. Leveraging Calix customer success stories, we planted giant stats and connectivity outcomes giving customers inspiration to become giants themselves.

Initial Giant Sketches
Pencil sketches of giants

Giant animations played on the 80 foot wide convention lounge video screen.


Through a new series of commercials for Calix’s new Wi-Fi products, Canadian celebrity, Gerry Dee, once again played his role as the loveable dad protecting his family and his home network, while also experiencing the connectivity around town in small business establishments. In these comedic shorts, Gerry gives user conferences the highlights and benefits of each new product that will help them become giants of their communities. 

For the GMs, marketers, customer support professionals, and technology expert in attendance, this year’s ConneXions was a phenomenal experience, with 97% stating their intent to recommend this experience to their colleagues.