The Aftermath: B2B Events Post-COVID

In today’s episode, AFTERMATH: B2B EVENTS POST-COVID, Sal talks with four B2B experts who shed light on what will be required for live event marketing to be successful in our new reality. With vibrant discussion, and a little debate, the group covers everything from the logistics of hybrid experiences to the opportunity available to re-image the relationships with our audiences and customers. During the episode, our panel reveals their biggest hopes for the industry and shares digital marketing’s dirty little secret. Join us for this dynamic breakdown of what it will take for B2B marketers to thrive in the aftermath of COVID-19.

This Week’s Guests

Christopher Caen, Founder/CEO of Tribal Photo

Christopher Caen is the CEO of a cool startup called TribalPhoto that focuses on the delivery of unstructured data at scale. He has been around Silicon Valley for quite awhile. He misspent his youth running around the halls of Atari, playing Asteroids. Since then, he has worked on both the client and the agency side for companies such as Sun Microsystems, Cisco and Informix and at several startups in C-Level roles. Much of his recent work has been at the convergence of the Internet of Things and Connected Data.

Kim Kopetz, Chief Growth Officer at Opus Agency

Kim Kopetz is the Chief Growth Officer at Opus Agency, one of the world’s top brand and event marketing firms. Their clients are world renowned brands including Microsoft, Alaska Airlines and Dell. Before taking her current role at Opus she spent five years with Intel Corporation in senior marketing and customer experience roles. Previous to her work with Opus and Intel, she had event-related roles at Nike and the NBA.

Matthew Yorke, Chief Digital Officer at Northstar Travel Group

Matthew Yorke is the Chief Digital Officer at Northstar Travel Group. He is charged with accelerating the growth of the digital portfolio of products and services. Matt is responsible for all of Northstar’s digital transformations including data strategy, audience solutions, and marketing services. Prior to joining Northstar, Matt was SourceMedia’s Chief Marketing Officer, responsible for all marketing, digital product innovation, and digital media sales. Previous to joining Source Media, Matt held senior leadership roles at global agency OMD and IDG.

Neal Silverman, Co-Founder and CEO of Traction Technology Partners

Neal Silverman is the CEO and Cofounder of Traction Technology Partners, a services and software company that connects companies and communities with emerging tech. Neal built his career at the intersection of the Fortune 500 and emerging technologies, holding senior executive positions at IDG, Fast Company Magazine, U.S. News & World Report, the Wall Street Journal, and CMGI.

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