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Catalyzing Change in Your Community

In this installment of DC Dialogues, Bix Hirigoyen sits down with Gyasi Barber, Global Product Solutions Lead at Indeed.

Bix and Grace McCamy

Mobilizing the Masses with Political Activism

In this installment of DC Dialogues, Bix Hirigoyen sits down with Grace McCamy-Miller, experienced field organizer and aspiring politico.

Bix and Dane Baker

Fighting Global Warming with Sustainable Shopping

In this installment of DC Dialogues, Bix Hirigoyen sits down with Dane Baker, CEO and Co-Founder of EcoCart.


Former CEOs Christopher Caen and Lewis Chang join Berkeley-based B2B Strategic Sales & Marketing Firm.

Berkeley CA, USA Decision Counsel, a market leading B2B Go-To-Market firm today announced the appointment of Christopher Caen as Head of Client Strategy and Lewis Chang as Head of Strategic Partnerships and Growth. Caen and Chang are both former CEOs who have extensive experience in digital product development, strategic marketing and sales empowerment.  Caen joins…

Best Place to Work

Best Places to Work 2020

Since COVID-19 hit, today’s employees are simply looking for a Wi-Fi signal and a quiet place to take a meeting. Where is the best place to work in 2020?


Go Big or Go Home: The New Rules of Virtual Events

With vibrant discussion, and a little debate, the GEMG Connect Panel covers the art and science of community building in the Covid era. Our CEO Sal Fuentes joined Constance Sayers, President of Government Executive Media Group, Anna Pettyjohn, VP and General Manager of Government Executive Events and George Jackson, Director of Government Executive Events.

Can AI Serve 3 Masters?

Inventors, Investors, and Society: Can AI Serve 3 Masters?

DC asked Mindscale CEO Seymour Duncker about Deployment Science, a new approach to risks posed by deployment of AI and ML‑driven applications.


“But we were on a break”, and other tales of relationship drama.

Business relationships are no different than any other — fostered by humans and mutual respect.

Example of Defense One Tech Summit imagery.

Virtual Events:
Five Weeks on the Front Line

During the COVID-19 era, DC helped develop an innovative structure for virtual event experiences beginning with The Defense One Technology Summit in June.

Las Vegas Strip

Tales from the Strip: Gambling with Our Health

A personal account of the effects of COVID-19 on the hospitality and event industry in Las Vegas and the struggle to safely reopen businesses.

Person in a PPE suit shops online on a couch with groceries and toilet paper.

Ecommerce Trends:
The Pandemic Edition

During the pandemic, ecommerce transactions have increased significantly. We took a look at what consumer spending looks like in a crisis.